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Benefits of Pressure Frying

Benefits of Pressure Frying

Pressure fryers and open fryers are almost similar except that for pressure fryer, when the proteins are loaded into the fry basket and lowered into the oil, the lid is tightly closed and sealed until the product is cooked.


Why Choose A Pressure Fryer?

When proteins especially freshly breaded bone-in chickens are fried in a pressure fryer, the moist or juice is entrapped and cooked within the meat making it juicier and more flavorful. This frying method also cooks the product at a faster speed as compared to an open fryer. Pressure fryer makes your fried chicken crispier and juicier at the same time by the high-pressure hot oil environment, yielding a healthier, more delicious final product. It’s the ideal way to cook freshly breaded, bone-in items like chicken or other proteins with natural juices.


Quality Oil

Oil quality lasts longer with pressure frying. Moisture and flavor are sealed in and prevents moistures to be released into the oil (which usually is the cause for faster oil deteriorations) and oil quality gets to be preserved when combined with a good filtration daily routine. Read more on enemies of oil here


Henny Penny Velocity Pressure Fryer – Freshly breaded bone-in chickens are placed on fry basket before lowered into hot oil. Different capacity counterparts include standard 4-head, 6-head, and an 8-head pressure fryers.

Faster Cook Times

One of the top benefits of switching to pressure frying is how much shorter the cook times are. Frying in a pressurized environment leads to faster cooking times at a lower oil temperature than traditional open frying. This allows our customers to increase their overall production more than a conventional fryer, so they can serve even more people in the same amount of time.


More Menu Items

While poultry remains one of the most popular products made in a Henny Penny pressure fryer, it is a highly versatile method of cooking. This versatility gives our customers the ability to all types of options on their menu, including meat, poultry, seafood, veggies, and so much more! With a wide variety of menu items, restaurants will have the opportunity to market to consumers with all sorts of tastes and preferences.


Less Food Shrinkage

With this method of cooking more moisture and juices are retained in the food, meaning less shrinkage. Pressure frying gives customers a tender, delicious product that’ll keep them coming back for more!


Cleaner Method of Cooking

With pressure frying, all that oil-burdened steam is captured and exhausted into a hood above. This reduces greasy film and odors from building up in the surrounding area. With less grease and odor build-up, fewer labor hours can be spent on cleaning and more time can be spent on making profits.


Consistently Great Taste

Henny Penny pressure fryers utilize advanced foodservice technology that enables quick cook times and a consistently great flavor since the food’s natural flavors and nutrients are sealed in while any extra frying oil is sealed out. Our customers are consistently raving about how great their product is with our equipment, but don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of our customer testimonials.



For more than 60 years, Henny Penny has been solving problems by leading the way in fryer innovation. Henny Penny built-in oil filtration systems that come standard on every pressure fryer. Having Henny Penny means having a good filtration system helps extend oil life and reduces the manual effort required to keep your fryers functioning.

Designed for consistency.  

Another unique feature is Henny Penny’s rectangular fry pot design — a first in the pressure fryer market — which helps promote random tumbling and turbulent action for more evenly cooked products.

Quality you can trust.

Henny Penny manufactures all control panels in-house instead of relying on third-party vendors, ensuring that each fryer produced is equipped with the most capable, effective system possible.

The world’s most demanding kitchens choose Henny Penny. Read more.


Disclaimer: Pressure frying uses a specific commercial pressure fryer and not to be tried at home with a normal pot or fryer.

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