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Foodservice equipment for a startup that fits a 20sqm space, or less!

Foodservice equipment for a startup business

Foodservice equipment for a startup that fits a 20sqm space, or less!

Foodservice equipment for a startup


Having a small space can be complex but it shouldn’t stop you from operating a successful coffee shop, bubble tea kiosk, or a bakery of your dream. With the right equipment that fits in the space and delivers what foodservice equipment are supposed to do, a small café or a kiosk, can deliver just the same quality of products that leaves customers fully satisfied, and coming back for more! We have gathered up compact and useful foodservice equipment for a startup that fits a 20sqm space, or less, that we would recommend to any business-owners who are concerned with the floor space available.


Having a nice coffee shop and bakery always sounds so enticing until you have to think and decide which equipment works best, especially if there’s only specific space available for you to consider first and foremost. Of course, other than the plates, paper cups, cutleries – the biggest investments are always the equipment. You need to ensure the equipment are running and serving their purposes how they should be without really breaking a bank, while still producing products of certain standard and quality.


Ice machine

There are countless numbers of benefits of having an ice machine, and having the right type of ice machine for your store, doesn’t only ensure the hygiene, but also economic, consistent and time efficient. A certain type of drinks may require a specific grammage of ice to be used in order to avoid a watered-down ice blended, or a certain type of ice can guarantee the quality of drinks you are serving. By choosing the right type of ice, you can easily project the type, quantity, and quality of drinks you are serving to the customers.

Choice Modular Ice Machine by Manitowoc

Model: Choice by Manitowoc HDT0420A

Dimension: W 55.90cm x D 86.56cm x H 181.61cm 

Choice by Manitowoc is the most affordable ice machine you can get in the market built with the highest quality and efficiency. Comes in both dice and half dice, Choice delivers what an operator needs; cost saving, quality, and efficiency.

Manitowoc NEO Undercounter Ice Machine

Model: Manitowoc NEO 140/190 Undercounter

Dimension: W 66.04cm x D 72.40cm x H 82.55cm (Legs: H 11.43cm)

NEO undercounter ice machine offers nothing less than performance, intelligence and convenience. NEO ice machine produces more ice while using less water and energy with its built-in indicators that show full bin and service.


Speed Oven

As the name implies, speed ovens are made to speed up restaurant operations and potentially can replace some of the kitchen workloads. Speed ovens are versatile and can come in handy when it comes to hassle-free food preparations such as pizza, danish and pastries, pre-fried products, and even pre-cooked meals such as pasta and our local favorite, nasi lemak.

Model: Kolb Atollspeed Easy Speed Oven

Dimension: W 445 x D 687 x H 570 mm

With a footprint of only 445mm wide x 687mm depth, Kolb Easy speed oven bakes a perfect 12” pizza faster and efficiently, without taking so much space. Not only pizza, Kolb Atoll speed ovens are marriage between impingement and microwave technology that prepares foods such as sandwich, pastries, chicken wings, sausages, lasagna, and more, in just a few minutes.


Storage, refrigeration chiller

Modular or undercounter, a chiller is definitely one of the most important equipment you need to have in an outlet. A chiller needs to be able to store all of your perishable items easily without having to be repacked as too much handling and repacking may cause contamination.

Model: Panasonic 2-door undercounter chiller/freezer

Dimension: W 1500 x D 600 x H 800 mm

Built with a compact compressor and pillarless interior, Panasonic undercounter chiller utilises the storage space available with maximum efficiency. Pillarless design allows storage of larger items without having to repacked into smaller containers.


Display showcase

A display showcase serves many purposes and are available in various temperature. Hot, cold, ambient, and multi. A display showcase should also serve its main purpose, that is to display food beautifully while keeping the foods fresh and presentable. A cake with cracked fresh creams is not attractive to buyers, hence having an efficient cake display showcase that doesn’t dry out the cakes can be cost effective and prevent product wastage.

Model: Sun Trump display showcase

Dimension: W 1200 x D 700 x H 700 mm (Other dimensions and tier available)
SunTrump display showcase allows more control on the temperature and display quality which results in what a display showcase supposed to display; a fresh and presentable-looking products.


Coffee machine

A basic espresso machine serves more than just a coffee. An espresso machine dispenses hot water and with the right setting, an espresso machine brews tea leaves just as fine as it brews coffee beans.

Model: Astoria Tanya R 2-group espresso machine

Dimension: W 715 x D 535 x H 515 mm
Astoria espresso machine comes with various design and functions, ranging from a designer piece to barista competition focused, to a basic and entry level espresso machine that serves its purpose. A reliable espresso machine is a must if you have coffee menus. With the right pre-infusion and brewing settings, an espresso machine an also infuse a nice cup of tea. For a smaller number of cups per day or if the menu comes with special beans, pairing the espresso machine with a Mini Jolly Ele grinder would be ideal.


Running a restaurant, café, bakery, or any F&B facilities, takes a lot more than just buying and running foodservice equipment. Just like cars, any café or restaurant equipment requires a proper care, training, and service maintenance when the time comes. Most importantly, you will need a dependable distributor with a service team who offers consultation, service maintenance, spare parts, and availability when you need it the most, especially when you are looking for foodservice equipment for a startup. 

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