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About Us

Top Services

Our main strength is our ongoing before and after-sales services. This includes product explanation and testing, hotline services, as well as technicians standing by for emergency situations.

Professional Team

We’re comprised of a dynamic and well-trained team of operations, finances, sales, solutions, and technicians.

Product Offerings

We carry various cafe and kitchen equipments such as coffee machine, soft serve machine, cake showcase, chiller, ice maker, cup dispenser and more.

Customer Satisfaction

We always receive good comments and feedbacks during the journey of our company growth. We work our best to maintain it and offer a good impression.

Excellent in Quality

We ensure our products are 100% in good condition and all the spare parts are authentic. In our warehouse has all the parts for different brands and models that we carried.

Continuous Improvement

By providing professional service, we trained our in-house technicians monthly and upgrade their knowledges and skills to serve customer better.

Our Facilities

Test Kitchen

We are dedicated to provide the best experience to our customers. Our air-conditioned and well ventilated test kitchen features a complete set of fryers, holding cabinet, breading machine, and chiller, which are perfect for your frying demo. Our well trained technical and culinary teams will also be on standby to assist with the technicalities, program settings, and food preparation where necessary during the demo.


In providing professional services to our customers, we train our in-house technicians to be fully equipped with all technical knowledge for all the equipment that we carry. By undergoing in-house trainings and trainings conducted by the manufacturers, our technicians are certified and authorized by the manufacturers, and are trusted in carrying out technical jobs. Other than our own technical trainings, we also provide equipment operation trainings to customers who require them.


Our showroom is where we feature our highlighted Taylor soft serve machines, Kolb ovens, Astoria coffee machines, ice machines, tea brewers and more. Besides functioning as a cozy meeting area, the showroom is also where we conduct F&B product testing such as soft serve, pastries, coffee, and tea.


We believe having sufficient stocks for our customers is crucial in ensuring smooth work progress for both sides of the parties. All equipment will be delivered directly to our warehouse once landed or reached at ports to ensure security and speedy process of customer deliveries. The warehouse is 24 hours guarded and well insured to protect all items from perils.

Spare Parts

In order to deliver speedy and effective service and maintenance to our customers, Examas Jaya keeps authentic spare parts stocks for all the brands and products that we carry to avoid any delays in maintenance and repair jobs. Spare parts are organized and kept neatly by our warehouse team to ensure easy findings whenever required.

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