2 Doors Upright Chiller/Freezer

Panasonic’s refrigerators and freezers do not have a pillar in the center, and this
means that they have a wide opening, allowing large containers to be put in and
taken out with ease. Since there is no dead space, full use can be made of the
spacious interior.


Excellent cooling capacity even in high-temperature environment
If the product is to be used in high-temperatures, you can choose the model
according to cooling capacity. The FC series models have “tropical” specifications,
enabling them to be used in temperature up to 43°C, for example in the heat of
summer and in hot kitchen environments.


Large holding volume & user-friendly
The top compartment is at an easy-touch height. Moreover, the height of the interior
of the product is 150mm taller, giving it a large holding volume. It’s easy to see
inside, and the design makes it more efficient to use.



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