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Single Group Coffee Machine

Greta espresso machine is perfect for homes and offices as well as smaller scale cafes and restaurants where equipment footprints matter. Built as a single group espresso machine, Greta comes with a 4 Liter water tank, making it portable and easy to carry for any outdoor events especially with a single-phase power point that plugs-and-play.


The internal components are identical to those of professional machines but in reduced dimensions: this guarantees the quality of the espresso in the cup. In painted steel and plastic it is available both with the internal volumetric pump, for connection to the water supply, and with a vibration pump in case of manual filling.



·         Boiler capacity: 2 Lt.

·         4 Liter internal water tank

·         Dimensions(mm): 400 (W) x 530 (D) x 510 (H)

·         Weight (Net/Gross): 38/47 kg

·         Voltage: 120/230-400

·         Total rated power: 1300/2400

·         1 push button for coffee dispenser


Also available in White/Chrome, Red/Chrome



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