Fetco TBS2111 (compressed) (1)
Fetco TBS2111 (compressed) (2)

fetco TBS-2111XTS 4.0 Liter / 6.0 Liter


The TBS-2111XTS is a multi-temperature, multi-beverage solution that provides the versatility to brew hot tea or coffee at different temperatures in the same unit. Ideal for any kind of teas, from white, green, red, and black, to any coffee roast that requires a specific brewing temperature.


FETCO Tea and Coffee Brewer caters to large capacity brewing where hot tea and coffee are ready made for grab and go such as hotel breakfast lounge, caterings, beverage kiosks, and more. Fetco also comes with hot water dispenser spout for consumers’ convenience.


Multi Temperature Versatility

TBS2111 comes with 8 program menu that can be individually program according to preferred temperature between 80°C to 97°C.


User Friendly Program 

Fetco comes with touch screen menu program that is user friendly and password protected. SD Card is provided to assist in menu transferring between outlet branches.


*Thermos sold separately*




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