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Henny Penny Countertop Holding

Holding Cabinet


Henny Penny Countertop Holding keeps hot food safe, handy and ready to pack or serve. Multiple drawer pan configurations or single drawer modules operate separately or combined as two, three or four-drawer units. Click here to learn more. 

  • Modular units can be stacked or placed side by side
  • One-piece molded drawer pans of rugged thermoplastic
  • Dual access versions include drawer pans with at both ends
  • Programmable touch-pad controls with temperature display
  • Temperature controlled separately for each tier


Hold and display with service or pass through

  • Single and two-tier
  • Upper and lower heating
  • Tempered glass (CW)
  • Acrylic flip-up doors (HCW)
  • Water well humidity


About Henny Penny

For more than 60 years, Henny Penny, an Eaton, Ohio based company has been solving problems by leading the way in open and pressure fryers innovation. Henny Penny designed, engineered, and became the solution for food service industry with its other range as combi ovens, holding cabinets, rotisseries, merchandisers, and breading machines. 




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