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Henny Penny Heated Holding

Holding Cabinet


Henny Penny Heated Holding Cabinet originally developed to hold large quantities of pressure-fried chicken for long periods without sacrificing freshness or presentation. It is also suitable when you have products that don’t lose moisture readily in a holding environment like baked potatoes, pasta and breaded vegetables. Click here to learn more.


Dual fans and ventilated side racks allow hot, moist air to circulate evenly throughout the cabinet. This helps keep practically any menu item hot and tasty until serving, and translates into higher food quality with less waste throughout the day.


Standard feature(s):

  • Choice of standard, programmable countdown timer or SimpleHold control
  • Dual heavy-duty blower motors, ventilated side racks
  • Fully insulated doors, sidewalls and control module
  • Self-closing doors stay open past 90 degrees
  • Partial pan removal for convenient loading and unloading
  • Optional 1.0 gal (3.8 L) water pan
  • Full-size (13 pans), half-size (5 pans) stackable
  • Available with acrylic flip-up doors for Asian QSR and grocery
Available in two types:
  • HHC 900  Full size
  • HHC 902  Stacked
  • HHC 903  Half size
  • HC 15  Full size
  • HC 5  Half size
  • SHC 10  Stacked


About Henny Penny

For more than 60 years, Henny Penny, an Eaton, Ohio based company has been solving problems by leading the way in open and pressure fryers innovation. Henny Penny designed, engineered, and became the solution for food service industry with its other range as combi ovens, holding cabinets, rotisseries, merchandisers, and breading machines. 




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