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Henny Penny Velocity Series


A completely new pressure fryer designed to lower the cost of high-volume frying. The big savings are in oil. Nearly 4 times the oil life, reducing discards by 80%. Easier for crew to use and maintain, so you also save on labor and service.

  • Cooks 8-head chicken in 25% less oil than other high-volume fryers
  • Replenishes oil automatically from onboard reservoir—no manual add-backs, fewer disposals
  • Filters automatically after every cook cycle, oil jets rinse pot
  • Automatic pressure lock, lock status monitored
  • Touch/tap controls up to 160 cook programs, pressure lock status, suite of frying and cook management features, USB port
  • Patented counter-balanced lid lift system easy enough to raise and lower with one hand
  • High-efficiency heating for fast recovery
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel fry pot with 7-year warranty
  • Seamless deck with rounded corners, recessed pressure dead-weight
  • Lower deck for easier racking
Available in two types:
  • PXE 100  Pressure fryer
  • OXE 100  Open fryer

About Henny Penny

For more than 60 years, Henny Penny, an Eaton, Ohio based company has been solving problems by leading the way in open and pressure fryers innovation. Henny Penny designed, engineered, and became the solution for food service industry with its other range as combi ovens, holding cabinets, rotisseries, merchandisers, and breading machines. 




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