Manitowoc NEO 310 Undercounter ice machine
Manitowoc undercounter

NEO® 310

NEO 310 Undercounter Ice Machine offers an all-in-one solution to your ice cube needs by providing new levels in performance, intelligence and convenience. Perfect for restaurants, bars, cafés, coffee shops, stadium boxes, offices, medical uses, delis, — NEO is designed to deliver ice wherever you need it. 


NEO means NEW. But not the kind of new that becomes old. It’s a new standard, a new class, a new approach and a new way for you to think about ice. By providing new levels in performance, intelligence and convenience, NEO 310 Undercounter Ice Machine  offers an all-in-one solution to your undercounter ice machine needs. 


NEO ice machines are ideal for smaller-volume ice production, limited-use needs, or as back-ups for larger machines.

  • Designed to fit beneath counters or in restricted floor space.
  • Ideal for coffee shops, stadium boxes, office break areas.
  • Front air intake and exhaust.
  • Easy Installation – just water, drain and power to install.
  • Featuring Manitowoc’s proven, proprietary vertical evaporator technology.
  • Exclusive Patented Cleaning Technology cleans or sanitizes in under 24 minutes.
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Manitowoc® Ice has received for the 15th consecutive year, the designation of “Overall Best in Class” in the Ice Makers category by foodservice equipment dealers and consultants in a survey sponsored by Foodservice Equipment and Supplies magazine.



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