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XLT Hood F-Version generates additional savings when added to your XLT Ovens. The XLT’s patented Hood design has proven to save, on average, 20%-30% on restaurants’ electricity bills. With this type of savings, an XLT Hood will virtually pay for itself in 3 years!


How XLT Hood F-Version works

  • Food product exiting the bake chamber will be easier to see with the new open shroud design and windows. This open design allows full access to the conveyor from both the fronts and ends of the ovens.


  • Grease laden vapors will be captured and exhausted from the kitchen, resulting in a cooler, quieter, and cleaner kitchen. You shouldn’t have to worry about a yellow ceiling appearance.


  • The new hood upper canopy and shroud system are a fresh take on the familiar patented XLT angled hood design. XLT hood systems are customizable with hundreds of color and finish options, allowing architects and designers to create functional and aesthetically pleasing front of the house solutions that complement any kitchen.


Model specifications

  • A compatible hood model and specs will be advised according to the conveyor oven



  • Ventilation system to enhance efficiency and kitchen environment for selected oven models
  • Easy access to components to avoid complicated repair and maintenance
  • Canopy and shrouds available in 1,825 colors to enhance your kitchen appearance


XLT is a global manufacturer specialized in highly innovative conveyor ovens and cost efficient exhaust hoods. For over 60 years, XLT has been studying and innovating ways to engineer the most advanced, air impingement conveyor oven on the market. Click here to find out more.


XLT Conveyor Oven



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