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Having an ice machine simply means the sanitary of the ice machine will be your number one priority. Having an ice machine that is easy to clean is a major bonus, as a clean ice machine can help to maintain the food safety and to ensure the performance of the ice machine. A dirty ice machine does not only bring a food safety hazard, but it also makes the ice machine work an extra mile just to produce a batch of ice that could be produced faster with a clean ice machine. Simply said, a clean ice machine saves all the troubles an operator could potentially face with an ice machine.


Why is it important to always use prescribed solutions

Performing ice machine deep cleaning/descaling and sanitising helps to maintain food safety by ensuring your ice machine is running smoothly, while prolonging its lifespan. When it comes to Manitowoc, the use of Manitowoc-specific cleaner/descaler and sanitiser is equally important and cannot be swapped with one another, or with another brands.


Ice machine Cleaner/Descaler

Ice machine Cleaner/Descaler is used to remove lime scale and mineral deposits. Due to the cleaner/descaler’s corrosive nature, cleaner/descaler with concentrations higher than the recommended amount must be avoided. The usage of overly concentrated cleaner or when they are used too frequently can cause the ice machines components’ coatings to fall off, causing corrosions, and potentially leave sediments in your ice bin and around your ice cubes.

A general rule of thumb is to give your machine a thorough cleaning every six months. For a high-traffic outlets and environments with higher usage of ice, more frequent rinsing (cleaning without using the solutions) and sanitising will be necessary.


Ice machine Sanitiser

Ice Machine Sanitizer is used to remove algae, slime growth and to disinfect. Manitowoc sanitizer has been tested with a challenge bacterium that is particularly resistant to chemical attack and cold water. Passing this test allows Manitowoc ice machines to display the NSF label.

An additional benefit with Manitowoc ice machine sanitizer is its classification as a no rinse sanitizer. No potable water rinse is required after the application of Manitowoc ice machine sanitizer eliminating a step from our sanitizing process.


Manitowoc-specific Liquid Cleaner/Descaler & Sanitiser

Manitowoc Ice Machine Cleaner/Descaler and Sanitizer are the only products approved for use in Manitowoc ice machines that are uniquely formulated and extensively tested to keep your ice machine running at peak performance without harming the evaporator or other internal components of the ice machine.

Always follow the procedure and solution concentrations for your model when performing the cleaning and sanitizing.


Professional cleaning by authorised technicians

To arrange Manitowoc ice machine descaling and sanitising service maintenance, reach out to us to discuss further!


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