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Kolb Atollspeed Oven

Kolb Atollspeed Oven

Kolb  Atollspeed Ovens heat up all kinds of food in a short time. Compared with a classic microwave oven, the food keeps a much crispier and delicious texture. Atollspeed offers the possibility of an attractive range of food with limited investments, we call it the easy kitchen. It enables you to add additional business.

  • Kolb Atollspeed Oven is a perfect marriage between microwave and impingement technology that makes foods crispy and warm by 5-10 times faster to serve customer.
  • With a catalytic filter, there’s no need to connect to an exhaust system that can be a hassle for installation and placement.
  • Catalytic filter prevents transfer of taste or smell – it can easily handle seafoods without transferring any smell to the next foods such as breads or pastries.


  • Kolb Atollspeed Oven offers 4 fan speeds for easier operation management
  • 3 kinds of arrangement for ‘favorites’ or adjustable to 100 programmable menus can be stored
  • Lock screen pictures can be personalized
  • All Kolb Atollspeed ovens can be connected to a central office

Kolb Atollspeed Ovens are suitable for:

  • Pizza
  • Main dish
  • Breakfast
  • Breaded snacks
  • Healthy snacks
  • Seafoods
  • Pre-fried foods
  • Desserts


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