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ICBS 2024: The equipment for your next cafe


ICBS 2024: The equipment for your next cafe

We wanted to take a moment to extend our heartfelt appreciation for those who visited our booth over last week’s International Café & Beverage Show (ICBS) held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, sharing inspiring ideas over crispy and warm croissants baked with our Atollspeed Easy!


For those who did not make it, here’s a recap to our activities at the show!   


1. Launching of Choice HDE 100 and HDF 240 undercounter ice machines

We are excited to have launched our latest Choice Undercounter series HDE100A and HDF240A by Manitowoc Ice. Choice Undercounter ice machines are the latest undercounter with localised designs that fit Asian-standard outlet designs and measurements, with the same powerful evaporators, and an affordable price. 


2. Choice 500 modular ice machine equipment demo

We ran the Choice H Series model 500 modular ice machine over the span of three days (for demo purposes) and had a bin full of clear ice that lasted for the entire three days! With a high quality insulation bin cover, the ice stayed frozen even after we have switched off the ice machine on the second day. Talk to us to understand which ice machine is the best for your outlet.


3. Kolb Easy equipment demo

We had Kolb Atollspeed Easy on demo during the three-day show and baked our visitors delicious croissants and muffins in less than 40 seconds! Kolb Atollspeed is a combination of impingement and microwave oven that is designed to heat up foods in a very short period of time and is perfect for a busy outlet. 



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