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Taylor Slush Machine

Taylor Slush Machine


Taylor slush machine allows you to have sparkling, fruity, and even coffee slushes as your next on-the-go treat. Taylor slush freezers are versatile when it comes to ingredients and flavorings in order to cater to your best needs. Be it for summery by the pool mocktail slushes, or cake and dessert coffee slushes, Taylor slush freezer comes with optimized refrigeration system that offers efficient operation in an extremely quiet, compact, self-contained freezer; perfect for any outlet setting.



  • Taylor allows you to have carbonated and non-carbonated slush and creating your own frozen beverage menu has never been more straightforward.
  • A machine that offers everything from colorful, fruit-flavored slushes to gourmet frozen coffees and teas
  • Easily switch and mix flavors
  • Stay on-trend and drive traffic¬†
  • Capitalize on a high-margin profit center
  • Go classic or choose a model that adds carbonation
  • Enjoy the versatility to craft smoothies, shakes, iced coffees and more
  • Space-saving designs and reduced footprints
  • Simple operation with minimal training required


View Taylor Slush models here


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